I agree with Hank that the federal courts & Supreme Court need reform.

    Congressman Hank Johnson’s plan to reform our courts, ensure justice & accountability, restore trust.
    • The Judiciary Act: Expands SCOTUS to make it more responsive to our growing country

    • The Supreme Court Ethics Act: Requires justices follow a code of ethics

    • The Judicial Accountability Act: Requires courts to protect their employees from workplace harassment

    • The 21st Century Courts Act: Enhances accountability & transparency of the federal judiciary by instituting a comprehensive suite of reforms & modernizes our courts for the 21st century.

    • District Court Judgeships Act: Alleviates case backlog by creating 203 new district court judgeships

    • AMICUS Act: Brings transparency to amicus-based judicial lobbying for the first time.

    • Open Courts Act: Modernizes the federal judiciary’s court records system (called CM/ECF) & makes court records freely available to the public (PACER).

    • The Supreme Court Ethics, Recusal, and Transparency (SCERT) Act: Requires justices of the Supreme Court to adopt and follow a code of ethics, places transparency standards on gifts and travel, codifies recusal standards and requires the court to disclose lobbying and dark money interests before it.
    These reforms are common sense & long overdue. The American public is losing trust in the courts, and we must act now to preserve our democracy.

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